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Mr Yabin Liu and Mr Fude Zhang who had worked as researcher and engineer in railway field for more than 15 years founded Beijing Wowjoint.

The beginning company represented as sole agent in China for European companies, including Paolo De NICOLA of Italy, MKG of Germany, Wortez of Swiss land etc.

Acted as a pioneer, Wowjoint developed and promoted prefabricated method for railway bridge erection in China , and then impelled China Ministry of Railway to accept FSM(Full Span Method) and applied it in the construction of the first HSR line(Qinghuangdao-Shenyang) in China.


Wowjoint was awarded the contract for supplying 550 ton Special Launching Carrier, which was the first machine in China for erection of full span prefabricated box beam on project of the first High Speed Railway.

The company developed and introduced method span by span for segmental viaduct and supplied the first set of Launching Gantry Span by Span 1600 T in China. At the same year, the company provided three large scale tonnage carriers for the project of Shanghai Maglev.


Wowjoint supplied consulting service on FSM for Project of Hangzhou Bay Bridge Construction and issued new erecting solution on passing through tunnel for the construction of HSR bridge in mountain area.


The contract for supplying the launching gantry in 900 tons capacity and the special carrier in 900 tons capacity for HSR which were of the first sets in China was awarded by Wowjoint.

The company founded its factory in Tongzhou, Beijing, and manufactured the first set of Special Launching Carrier (for passing through tunnels, capacity 900 tons) in the world.


Wowjoint started to export equipment aboard, and reached cooperating agreement with Beijing Jiaotong University for D&R and scholarship.


China Foundamental and Wowjoint merged as Wowjoint Holdings who listed in NASDQ public market in USA.

Then Wowjoint Holdings founded Bright Bridge Construction in USA.

Beijing Wowjoint began to do rental business and subcontracting.

It is exciting this period for exporting 4sets of Special Launching Carrier in capacity 990T to Korea for Hu Nan high speed railway and 2 sets of lifter to USA.


Wowjoint Holdings invested Zhenjiang Wowjoint Heavy Machinery Co., ltd, nearby Shanghai China and founded BWI Consulting in Italy.

Wowjoint established electrical-hydraulic laboratory with Beijing Jiaotong University in Beijing Wowjoint's building.