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Wowjoint is made up of qualified professionals with experiences and know-how on heaving duty lifting and carrying, viaduct and bridge construction, railway maintenance , and project management, based on the developing, designing and supplied machine concerned, our team also provide various construction and value engineering services related to bridge construction and rail service, and offer solutions on both erection of prefabricated bridge /viaduct and rebuilding replacement of old bridge.

鈻睤eveloped and promoted full span method(FSM) to China Ministry of Railway in 1996

鈻睤eveloped launching method span by span for segmental viaduct (launching gantry

1600T capacity ) which was the first project in China area in 2002.

鈻睮ssued new erecting solution on passing through tunnel for construction of HSR viaduct in Mountain area in 2004

鈻 Consulting for basic launching method (FSM) of Hangzhou Bay Bridge approaching bridge in 2000-2005

鈥 Bridge Construction

1.  New concept development for industry of heavy duty lifting and carrying

2.  Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) methodology and bridge/viaduct erection

3. Integral technologies of prefabricated element of transport erection and lifting

4. Detailed design for temporary and permanent structures

5. Alternative solutions and independent design checks

6.M&E and safety management for construction supports

7. Site and factory supervision

8. Yard layout for fabrication of post-tension and pre-tension beam

鈥 Rail Service

1.Supply for locomotives of mines, ports or freight yard

2.Development for rail maintenance of railway system.

3.Replacement of old railway bridge