Wowjoint offers rent service for global market with equipments that could be modificated to accommodate the working conditions at site.

Two options for you if you are ready to rent

鈥quipment commissioning only.

鈥quipment commissioning and operation guidance at jobsite

Equipments as follow for service :

  • T-Beam Launching Machine(Double truss)

    Manufactured in: 2000

    Span: Max.42m

    Capacity: 160T

  • Segment Lifter

    Manufactured in: 2010

    Span: non

    Capacity: 70T

  • Special Launching Carrier

    Manufactured in: 2010

    Span: 32m,24m,20m

    Capacity: 900T

  • Special Carrier

    Manufactured in: 2011

    Span: 32m,20m

    Capacity: 900T

  • Tyre Trolley

    Manufactured in: 2010

    Segment Length: 32m

    Capacity: 900T

  • Mobilift with Double Cantilevers

    Manufactured in: 2007

    Span: 8.44m, 8.8m, 9.5m

    Capacity: 30T